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Designer Footstools

Posted by Andrew Lydon on

Designer footstools are a cost effective way of updating a room without spending a fortune. A signature designer footstool says much about your design aspirations and is a piece of furniture every household should possess. They add a touch of joy and class to your main sitting area where each of your guests can indulge themselves in the admiration of a fine piece of British made furniture.

Designer Tablestool in fabric

We hand build every designer footstool in either fabric or leather. We'll build your designer footstool in one of our standard sizes or in a bespoke size to fit. A small designer footstool for instance is more than just a luxury; it is also a part of good health and there really is nothing like getting home after a long, hectic day and putting your feet up. Effective use of our small designer stools reduces the chances of developing varicose veins. They also prevent other foot ailments so it is therefore very important that you have a foot rest you can rely on whilst remaining pleasing to the eye.

Luxury deep buttoned round leather ottoman

A designer bench footstool combines elements of size and comfort and help to make your room complete as they offer practicality and functionality. They are perfect for a couple to share for use as either a footstool or table. We build designer benchstools with practicality in mind but with an exotic choice of fabric or leather they are important not only as pieces of furniture, but also as lifestyle statements.

Large designer footstools give your rooms presence. We all deserve rest and relaxation and the nice thing about these items is that they can add a real touch of class to a room especially if you choose a handmade leather footstool or luxury fabric footstool. Room set images often combine a large signature designer footstool and if you look at pictures of celebrity living rooms around the world you will usually find such a piece on display.

Designer tablestools feature as centrepieces around which are sofas and chairs. Tablestools with storage are perfect if you usually have a lot of magazines or gadgets lying around. Why not hide them away inside a stylishly designed fabric tablestool? This piece of furniture is perfect for storing practically anything from TV remotes to family photo albums and old copies of the Radio Times.

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