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Care For Your Footstool, Drum or Seating Cube

Posted by Andrew Lydon on

We build our products to last you for years to come however you’ll still need to treat it with care and respect. We expect this fine piece of furniture to be passed on to subsequent generations of your family and for your guidance we have compiled a series dos and don’ts to try to help you keep this precious item in tiptop condition. We want you to experience many years use and enjoyment of your footstool, drum or seating cube so please follow these simple instructions to ensure a long and happy life for your product.

When unpacking your item try to avoid using sharp knives or scissors as these may damage the outer upholstery layer. Allow your product to settle in its new surroundings - foam and fabric may need to “condition” after a period of time being tightly packed whilst in transit.

Pile fabrics, velvets and suede may need “smoothing out” after transit to ensure the pile direction and appearance meets your expectations.

In the event of spill, act immediately. Blot liquid spills or remove solids with a clean white cloth/paper towel, work towards the centre of the spill. Do not rub as this may damage your product. A mild detergent may help remove minor stains although we recommend the use of professional dry cleaning services to attend more serious staining incidents. Vacuum frequently to ensure that small particles of dirt don’t gather and abrade the cover of your footstool, drum or seating cube.

Try not to let your little ones (and not so little ones!) stand on your footstool drum or seating cube. Stilletto heels do nothing for their appearance! Whilst we build each footstool to the most exacting specification excessive weight and strain can do long term damage to the frame.  We also use high-density rigid foam that may become flattened when exposed to such conditions. Please don’t expose your footstool to excessive heat or sunlight. Over time it can distort the frame as well as fade the fabric.  We recommend you change the position of your footstool, pouffe or storage ottoman on a regular basis in order allow to for regular “all over wear”.

Watch out for greasy hair products as they can leave unsightly marks. Please don’t ever use creams, polish, detergents, or solvent stain removers as the use of these can distort the fabric.  Please take care where you position your item and for obvious reasons do not place it too close to the fire.

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