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Footstools Direct, or Cubes Direct?

Posted by Andrew Lydon on

You wouldn't be blamed for thinking that here at Footstools Direct, our speciality is, well, footstools. Whilst we do make the ultimate foot rest, what we actually make the most is modular seating. We have perfected the art of making these cubes from the crafting of the wooden FSC certified base to the final placement of the glide feet.  Our cube seating can be covered in just as many materials as our footstools can. Meaning you can have tartan cubes, faux grass cubes, leather cubes and any other furry or smooth material you can think of! All of our cubes are made to be 44cm tall, this is key as the average height of your knee is also around the 40cm meaning that sitting on these cubes is not only comfy but requires minimal effort and strain. 

One of the main reasons that our cube seating is so popular is because they are perfect for both formal and informal use. Some people have used our black and white 16 cube combo to style new parts of a room in their house. Some people buy singular cubes of any colour to add a bit more character to their home. Companies however will usually use any cube for their events and exhibitions. We have worked with countless companies who buy 10-100 cubes at a time to showcase their brand colours and to add a bit of pizzazz to their shows.

A majority of these businesses sometimes want to go up a level, add even more allure to their exhibitions. This is when we decide to bring out the big guns and introduce them to our contract cube seating. Companies like Jet2, Ibis Style Hotels, Canterbury New Zealand and many more have used our contract cube seating to display their brand. This is where you choose what you want on your cube. Whether it be a logo  that is electronically printed onto the side of the cube or you want information about your company or you want information/deals printed on the sides of the cubes. Even if you wanted your own custom fabric then we can do it. These cubes are the top of the range and they have been used by numerous franchises to promote themselves. 

More recently, we have decided to create a new variation of cubes. However, they are not actually cubes. Labelled as our triple cube these new products are essentially long cubes, or as their more commonly known, cuboids. These cuboids are still 44cm high but instead of 40cm like the cubes , they are 122cm wide, providing seating for 3 persons. Moreover, just like our other cubes, you can have them in any colour, including our 87 different faux leather colours!

Are you or your company interested in one of our cubes? Then call up today on 0113 276 0171 or email us on for more information and you can add more charm to your home or your exhibition!

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