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Made in Yorkshire

Posted by Andrew Lydon on

Footstools Direct Limited is a leading UK furniture manufacturer and online retailer. We have sold our footstools and bespoke furniture to more than 25,000 UK customers since 2007. The business is based in Leeds with a fantastic team of skilled craftsmen and women. 

We operate from a dedicated factory where our craftsmen and women manufacture bespoke and standard footstools, seating cubes, drumstools, ottomans and modular furniture.

Choose your furniture from our website and we’ll deliver usually within 3 – 7 working days. Our craftsmen and women use the finest available materials, many sourced locally and everthing is rigorously quality checked before it leaves our premises.

We know you'll want great furniture. Our products coordinate with your furnishings & become a cherished members of your family! Read the testimonials of satisfied customers on our Amazon store review site for more information. 

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  • Very happy with footstool.Good quality.Keep it up.

    Mrs Somerfield on

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