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Making trending footstools

Posted by Andrew Lydon on

Everyday there is a new story, a new event and a new trend on Twitter. To prevent getting lost in the past you have to keep up with these new trending events. Whether that be supporting a team in a sporting event finale or knowing about the different acts performing at a festival or simply what is being celebrated on that day. Here at Footstools Direct we are no different. We quite often try and create concept bespoke cube seating items for different events, purely to show the variety of different aesthetics our cube seating can have. Below you can see the two different cubes that were created via photo editing software to promote the Europa League final

We also made a cube concept for Leeds United, as we are a Leeds based company, but after their 2018-19 championship campaign we thought it would be best to not post it...

Moving onto things that do get promoted however, our contract cubes are widely used to advertise a companies logo, brand or slogan. And through our concepts, we can make any type of cover for our cube bases. We can electronically print anything onto our faux leather material to create the perfect cube for you. Whether you want a cube to promote your own company, or something for your favourite sports team, we can make it.

As an example of what you can get, our Jet2 Exclusive holidays cubes are a perfect example. As you can see below, each side of the cube is different, containing different snippets of information/deals to entice a customer to buy from them, we can do the exact same thing for you, creating different sides of a cube to suit your narrative perfectly

If you have a concept you would like creating and want to have your own trending cube! Then feel free to call us for more information or a quote on 0113 276 0171 or email us at 


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