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Saving The Environment, One Footstool at a Time!

Posted by Andrew Lydon on

At Footstools Direct our two mains priorities looking after our customers and the environment. To the best of our abilities we make sure that we reduce, reuse, recycle.

The growing effects of climate change has us to source our materials from sustainable sources. Organically grown cotton and timber harvested from renewable forests are but two examples of responsible manufacturers thinking about the effects of their trade on generations to come. Moreover, to help out in our own way, we get all of our materials from companies in England, and most of these companies are right here in Yorkshire, to reduce the emissions of shipping goods in from abroad. In the niche areas of furniture design environmentally friendly pieces are being inspired by the green revolution.  

FSC timber (The Forest Stewardship Council) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Here at Footstools Direct we make sure all our timber suppliers are FSC certified to make sure that all our wood is sustainable. Any wood that is left over we reuse on other projects to prevent waste. 

On top of everything else, the small things sometimes mean alot, for example; our environmentally friendly sourced upholstery is frequently undyed or natural in finish. Thus the inherent chemical footprint can be avoided and pollution kept to a minimum. Cardboard is preferable to plastic and cotton is favoured ahead of manmade upholstery cover. Ethically sourced leather may be more expensive in the short term but ultimately leads to a sustainable future that benefits us all. 

Our planet is suffering due to mankinds own selfish goals and we here at Footstools Direct believe we must do our best to help the effort in saving Earth!

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