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Order safely online or call 0113 276 171
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Environmental Policy

Here at Footstools Direct we recognise that we only have one Earth, which needs protecting. That's why we do our part to be as environment friendly as possible. 

For example, one of the main points of our company is that we are a Yorkshire business who build all of our products in our Leeds workshop, we use other local businesses to collect all of our materials, collect all of our wood and get all our other supplies This means that there is no shipping in from other countries and no far cross country travelling so we promote and help local businesses while reducing emissions.

We attempt to be as environmentally friendly in our workshop too. Recycling and reusing everything we can at any moment and using industrial glue that is ethical and environmentally friendly are just few of the many ways we help protect the environment.

The wood that we use is just as sustainable due to all of our wood being FSC certified, therefore being positive economically, socially, and environmentally on the areas the wood is farmed . The FSC helps protect forests and the communities surrounding and dependant on them. They help restore woodlands and protect the environment from deforestation and logging. To learn more about the FSC and all they do, click here