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Cube Seating in Cerulean Blue Faux Leather - Footstools Direct

Cube Seating in Cerulean Blue Faux Leather

Footstools Direct

  • £69.99
  • Save £15

  • £58.32 ex. VAT
  • SPECIAL OFFER! Ideal Extra Seating - Order Today for Express Delivery!
  • if this is not quite the colour you need we have >>>> a choice of 87 other shades! (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)
  • Upholstered in Wipe Clean Faux Leather, Built Over a Foam Lined Solid Wood Frame & Fitted with Plastic Glide Feet.
  • 2 Year Frame Guarantee
  • Ideal Additional Seating for any Dining, Living Room or Bedroom. Also Great for Events etc.
  • Sturdy & Built to Last by Skilled Yorkshire Craftsmen & Women.
  • We have already sold hundreds of these products on our own site here and on Amazon. READ OUR 5* CUSTOMER REVIEWS

Size & Weight: 400mm x 400mm x 450mm - 7KG - ships to UK mainland locations on a standard delivery service at a cost of only £10.00

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