Going green in 2023

Going green in 2023

Going green in ‘23

This year we have a new goal to aim towards which is to become more eco friendly. This means we are aiming to make all of our products eco friendly and drive our business towards sustainability. We will achieve this by reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing materials supplied by green businesses. Going green means we will aim to reduce our waste and produce products that are good for the environment. We believe this is an important aspiration due to the current damage we all do to our planet. We have to start somewhere to make a change, we also hope that this may influence others. We are helping conserve the environment and by purchasing our “green” products customers will be part of making this vital change.

Why we want to go green

We strongly believe we need to make a change as people to help improve the damage we do to the planet, every person will help so us starting will have a positive impact. By going green we are helping to fight against global warming, which is a huge problem today. Global warming leads to warmer temperatures, sea levels rising, more severe storms, increased droughts and much more. All of these will have a negative effect on future lives and on our planet, it will only get worse if we don't make a change. Going green also has many more positive effects such as: reducing environmental pollution, reducing energy costs, conserving natural resources and it is economical. This will reduce the amount of finite resources being collected as more are being recycled from previous uses. 

How can you go green too?

There are many things anyone can do to help the environment, from having shorter showers to installing solar panels on your home, every little bit will put towards the change we are trying to make. Here are some small changes you can make to your life to help reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Take control of your heating- only use when necessary and don't put it on as warm or for as long

  • Insulate your home-this will keep the heat in for longer so you save money and the planet

  • change to low energy lighting

  • Use low carbon travel- such as using eclectic cars/bikes, walking, cycling, or even using public transport so there are less cars in use.

  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The top way to reduce your carbon footprint is by stopping eating meat, an individual can reduce their carbon footprint of around 820 kg of carbon dioxide each year if they cut meat out of their diet, however not all of us want to become vegetarian so even if it's just cutting down on meat, that will help make a change too.