New Year Footstools

New Year Footstools

So, 2023 approaches and we would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! We are all looking forward to the opportunities ahead and in particular suggest that you consider a small investment in an invaluable piece of household furniture. So, make this a good one and as our motto for January goes, “New Year, New Footstool!”

How about an investment in a small leather footstool? These are unobtrusive footrests, built by skilled craftsmen and will last for years if treated with care. Using quality sourced leathers from a tannery in Italy our footstools are lovingly crafted by our team of time served upholsters. They are available from stock and make an ideal New Year present!

When the family descends in January where they are all going to be seated? A selection of hardwood frame cube footstools is a superb way to create additional household seating. Manufactured in our UK factory, pouffes and cubes are available in both fabric and leather selections. From as little as £70 a faux leather pouffes makes a fabulous gift at any time of the year.

When you need something upon which to rest a tray, or papers why not consider a tablestool? These splendid pieces are essentially supersized footstools which can be upholstered in either leather of fabric. They traditionally sit in front of your favourite sofa or chair, opposite a roaring fire and provide a Winter sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. People use tablestools as the centrepiece of a room where they function as tables between the chairs and sofas.

Bench Stools are also make great seating solutions. With an extensive choice of feet their most appropriate use is as a footrest for two to share however choosing a set of tall contemporary legs (giving a height of around fourteen inches from floor to top) provides an additional seating solution. Choosing castor feet enables you to move the bench stool with ease!

Finally, the perfect storage solution, an ottoman!  These fantastic furniture pieces can be upholstered in either fabric or leather and are ideal for storing all your favourite household items. An ottoman enhances any room by its presence providing functionality with elegance. They are available in a range of sizes to fit your bedroom (for the storage of bedding or laundry), living room or office. The cube storage ottoman is also a sturdy and practical seat. If you take on board the call “New Year, New Footstool” then you cannot make a better choice than an investment in an ottoman!