Why we are going green

In November 2021 Manchester United travelled by plane for a match at Leicester, a trip that is less than 100 miles. We at footstools Direct aim to create much less of a carbon footprint in our pursuit of environmentally sustainable furniture. We believe in supplying high quality, ethically sourced, footstools, cubes and drum stools that go the distance. To us, being sustainable isn't just about using reclaimed materials, but protecting and supporting every  aspect of the support chain.

It is said that by 2030 climate change will be irreversible and greenhouse gases are at an all time high, some of the primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions are transportation (15%) and manufacturing (12%). By us going green and being part of ‘made in Britain’ means we are helping prevent this, as all of our materials are locally sourced so not much transportation is needed and all products will be manufactured in the most eco-friendly way. Being eco friendly also helps reduce the levels of Methane released from landfills as we are reducing waste that will contribute to this. By going green it helps save money, time and resources meaning that we can enjoy our life fully, whilst making sure future generations will be able to enjoy clean air and water too.

Unmanaged deforestation is causing devastating effects on the earth along with the communities in the areas affected. Supporting sustainability helps to reduce our impact on the environment and our world. A simple green solution to reducing our carbon footprint is to produce furniture from re-afforested sustainable sources. The more trees planted to meet demand the more CO2 will be absorbed, which leads to their being less in the atmosphere.  Being eco friendly also helps reduce the levels of Methane released from landfills as we reduce the waste that is a consequence of manufacturing, contributing to this.

Now we've developed an eco-friendly footstool collection using FSC timber and MDF, a fantastic range of natural materials with no toxic chemicals and recycled foams. As well as being better for the environment, they help control humidity, temperature, sound and allergens, creating a healthier, more comfortable home. We have decided to get our materials from: Peter cook who supply eco friendly fabrics and foam glue, EG foam for environmentally friendly foam, and Jewson building merchants or TradePoint for timber and MDF. All of these suppliers are also within a 5 mile radius of our warehouse in Stourton making it more eco friendly and also making us 'made in Britain'