Faux Leather Cube Seating Black Faux Leather

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A superb collection of faux leather seating cubes produced by craftsmen and women at our own Yorkshire factory. 

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Faux Leather
Black Faux Leather Black
White Faux Leather White
Mocha Faux Leather (Brown) Mocha (Brown)
Chestnut Faux Leather (Brown) Chestnut (Brown)
Mango Faux Leather (Orange) Mango (Orange)
Poppy Faux Leather (Red) Poppy (Red)
Sunflower Faux Leather (Yellow) Sunflower (Yellow)
Flake Faux Leather (Grey) Flake (Grey)
Lime Faux Leather (Green) Lime (Green)
Sky Faux Leather (Blue) Sky (Blue)
Light Blue Faux Leather Light Blue
Neptune Faux Leather (Blue) Neptune (Blue)
Bluebell Faux Leather (Blue) Bluebell (Blue)
Cadet Faux Leather (Grey) Cadet (Grey)
Peach Faux Leather Peach
Mushroom Faux Leather (Cream) Mushroom (Cream)
Bottle Faux Leather (Green) Bottle (Green)
Blossom Faux Leather (Pink) Blossom (Pink)
Apple Faux Leather (Green) Apple (Green)
Blackcurrant Faux Leather (Purple) Blackcurrant (Purple)
Silver Faux Leather Silver
Cobalt Faux Leather (Blue) Cobalt (Blue)
Rosehip Faux Leather (Burgundy) Rosehip (Burgundy)
Phoenician Faux Leather (Blue) Phoenician (Blue)
Turk Faux Leather (Turquoise) Turk (Turquoise)
Cornflower Faux Leather (Blue) Cornflower (Blue)
Pink Ice Faux Leather Pink Ice
Empire Green Faux Leather Empire Green
Lemon Peel Faux Leather (Yellow) Lemon Peel (Yellow)
Port Faux Leather (Burgandy) Port (Burgandy)
Light Grey Faux Leather Light Grey
Orchid Faux Leather (Green) Orchid (Green)
Marigold Faux Leather (Orange) Marigold (Orange)
Citrus Faux Leather (Yellow) Citrus (Yellow)
Black Plum Faux Leather (Purple) Black Plum (Purple)
Feather Faux Leather (Grey) Feather (Grey)
Candy Apple Faux Leather (Red) Candy Apple (Red)
Damson Faux Leather (Purple) Damson (Purple)
Truffle Faux Leather (Brown) Truffle (Brown)
Light Teal Faux Leather Light Teal
Grape Faux Leather (Purple) Grape (Purple)
Harbour Faux Leather (Grey) Harbour (Grey)
Leap Frog Faux Leather (Green) Leap Frog (Green)
Signal Yellow Faux Leather Signal Yellow
Navy Faux Leather Navy
Gunmetal Grey Faux Leather Gunmetal Grey
Walnut Faux Leather (Brown) Walnut (Brown)
Mikado Faux Leather (Orange) Mikado (Orange)
Spruce Faux Leather (green) Spruce (green)
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A superb collection of faux leather seating cubes produced by craftsmen and women at our own Yorkshire factory. 

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Discover our superb collection of faux leather seating cubes produced by craftsmen and women at our own Yorkshire factory. 

We provide a wide range of faux leathers which are suitable for the contract, hospitality, residential, workplace, healthcare & educational sectors. Common stains simply wipe off while more difficult stains like ballpoint ink can be cleaned with active solvents without damaging the finish. All our faux leather comprises state-of-the-art resistance to staining, abrasion, scuffing, burnishing and blocking demonstrated in extensive laboratory tests.

Crib 5 regulations are met as standard with all our faux leathers. Our faux leathers are used widely across bars and restaurants seating, hotel seating and for hire and exhibitions use. A variety of tones are suitable for bar or lobby seating.

All our faux leather ranges are suitable for residential design. More than traditional home seating, our cube seats can be used as kitchen banquette seating, extra furniture for the home or window seating. The colour palette offers opportunities to be creative in the home.

Breakout seating, meeting room seating and task seating, our faux leathers provide the leather look across the workplace.

Being treated with our Sanitized treatment, faux leather is inherently anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. This treatment slows the growth and proliferation of bacteria. Faux leather seating can be used for seating in healthcare settings, such as GP and hospital waiting rooms and seating throughout care homes. Calming and fresh tones are suitable for creating a welcoming, safe space for patients.

Available in vibrant tones, passing fire regulation Crib 5 and being a high-performing faux leather, our range is perfect for education seating from primary school through to university accommodation and break out spaces.

If you require any samples of our range, further information or to place an order, please contact us on 0113 276 0171. 

Dimensions (Without Feet)
400mm x 400mm x 410mm (high)
Product Standards
Produced to meet BS5852 (CRIB 5)
2-Year Time Frame Guarantee

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