Benchstools Claret Aged Leather (Red) - Mahogany Wood Caster Leg

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A superb collection of benchstools produced by craftsmen and women at our own Yorkshire factory.

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Aged Leather
Claret Aged Leather (Red) Claret (Red)
Rust Aged Leather (Brown) Rust (Brown)
Dark Brown Aged Leather Dark Brown
Tan Aged Leather (Brown) Tan (Brown)
Style Leather
Black Style Leather Black
Portobello Fabric
Ivory Portobello Fabric (Cream) Ivory (Cream)
Cocoa Portobello Fabric (Brown) Cocoa (Brown)
Woven Stripe
Duck Egg Woven Stripe (Blue/White) Duck Egg (Blue/White)
Stripe Fabric
Chocolate Woven Stripe Fabric Chocolate Woven
Wood Contemporary Leg
Mahogany Wood Contemporary Leg Mahogany
Natural Wood Contemporary Leg Natural
Wood Caster Leg
Mahogany Wood Caster Leg Mahogany
Natural Wood Caster Leg Natural
Wood Turned Leg
Mahogany Wood Turned Leg Mahogany
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A superb collection of benchstools produced by craftsmen and women at our own Yorkshire factory.

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We provide a wide range of faux leathers, leathers, tartans and fabric benchstools which are suitable for residential use. Common stains simply wipe off our faux leathers whereas our leathers are a natural product and there may be natural variation between samples and final product. Our tartans are classic woollen plaid, which is a smart plaid design suitable for all interior spaces, meanwhile our other fabrics are luxury products that have been popular in the past.

All our faux leather ranges are suitable for residential design. Our benchstools can be used as extra furniture for the home or a table. The colour palette offers opportunities to be creative in the home.

A well-loved range for furniture retailers, our leather creates seating for the home that will age gracefully. Front rooms have also featured our tartan and other fabrics, the character and individuality of the range helps to create a comfortable yet unique feel for the home. 

If you require any samples of our range, further information or to place an order, please contact us on 0113 276 0171.

Dimensions (Without Feet)
1000mm x 450mm x 140mm (high)
Product Standards
Flame Retardant
2-Year Time Frame Guarantee

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